can help you in personal and family problems, e.g.
– Crises
– Family tensions
– Recurring anxieties and fears
– the search for your own free space


can help you if you want to change something in your life e.g.
- Communication with other people
- Insecurity in contact with people


can support you with the following issues related to
"Transition to a new phase of life"

– Leaving the parental home
– Marriage / living together
– Family planning
– Divorce / retirement / widow / widower

Chronic and life-threatening illnesses
If members of the family,
- Children
- Husband and wife, life partner
- Father / mother

with e.g. cancer, diabetes, joint and back illnesses, heart problems, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, rheumatism, neuropathy, nephritic illnesses or allergies, become ill, a lot changes in their family life, in their working life and, in general, in interpersonal relations within and beyond the family. We can accompany families in the process of the adaptation of their lives to their new living conditions.

Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz has had diabetes more than 40 years and brings his own experiences as well as his competence to questions of chronic illnesses in family life.

Problems at work with
– Colleagues
– Superiors
– Harassment
– organizational structures
- chronic illnesses / handicaps

professional questions and anxieties
- Career
– Planning
- Strategy
- Change

Consultation and Coaching for:

anyone who is looking for psychological support in his work life, e.g.
– Doctors
- Lawyers
- Politicians
- Executives
- Members of works and personnel councils
- Teachers
- Social workers

You have no big problems and worries, but have
- Dreams
- Wishes
- Creativity
- Unrecognized potential
- Aims , goals and visions
which you have not yet realized

How they can be realized ?
Together we can chart the way or the ways, i.e. We can help you draw a sort of personal map.

Consultation for Spa guests and reha patients

Just during your cure or your Rehabilitation (Reha) stay a consultation can show you new paths:
– You have time to reflect upon your life.
- You have time to develop alternatives.