Telephone advice

Telephone advice

With the telephone advice are able also individuals who do not have the possibility to come personally to our practise in Hopfen am See or Munich, our advice offer take up. For some people this way of the advice is also a lighter entrance because he offers more anonymity. Not seldom it seems that the "phone clients" also go past to personal talks. Sometimes it has also turned back that after previous personal appointments on the occasion of a move or a momentary stay abroad the way about the phone is chosen to use us furthermore as a contact.

They long for a full life ?

then now this advice can change immediately your life ! Use your chance and call now:

Phone times:
Monday to Friday
from 8.30 - 9.30 and 18.30 - 19.30

0900/5105582 (Euro 1,99/Min. from the German fixed network, prices of mobile radio connections and foreign connections can deviate)

The fee for the advice calculates itself after the actual duration of the conversation and quite simply occurs about your telephone bill. Phone costs and Coaching are includeded in the given costs - there originate to you no other costs !

If you liked to use our advice hotline for another date, you can request this by contact form

Follow please: in the Federal Republic of Germany on the phone no psychotherapeutic services may be produced. The phone advice is help to the self-help and no replacement with a psychotherapy.