What is systemic therapy counseling ?

System broad therapy consultation has originated from the consultation and therapy with families. Today, however, it thinks also a big acceptance in many other areas namely always where people handle with people, e.g.:
- in him passed away to psychosocial areas (from psychotherapy up to the educational guidance),
- in the educational theory
- in the staff team development as well as organisation consultation.


Around systemic thinking and work to explain the picture of a mobile is often used. If at a place a change happens, changes at the same time also a lot in the other figures of the mobile:
- sometimes only a little at a place,
- sometimes dramatically a lot at other place. Problems originate if the mobile gets stuck if „the system„ solidifies at a place.

Conversation therapy and systemic therapy is recognised in Germany for adults (nevertheless, according to occupational right), it is not financed by the cashes yet (according to social right). Indeed, within the scope of a stationary health resort stay in the health resort clinic of Eggensberger, assistance is sometimes granted for a part of the treatment.