Medical care

A senior diabetologist is available locally for consultation or emergencies. Dr. Jeff Schevitz is a Social Psychologist and family therapist. The Spa Hotel Eggensberger has a large therapy department with physical therapists, an exercise physiologist, and a medical doctor whose specialty is physical and rehabilitative medicine, including chiropractic therapy. The gait analysis is done in the therapy department.

The Fuessen Dialysis Center has round-the-clock emergency service. The Schweiger Hotel Dialysis Center is in the beautiful Bad Faulenbach section of Füssen ( Both are only a few minutes away by car or taxi.

All supplies that a person with diabetes needs, e.g. pens, needles, insulin, pump supplies, are available locally. Please bring the information sheet that comes in prescription drug packages, so the local pharmacy can get the same or equivalent for you.