Where is the paradise ?

View of Hopfen am See

»Vacation in Paradise« is located in one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of Germany, only 60 miles from Munich, on Lake Hopfen in the town of Füssen, (www.fuessen.de), a renowned spa town at the foot of the German and Austrian Alps and faces the world-famous "Dream Castle" of Neuschwanstein (www.Neuschwanstein.com/english), built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein castle

Wellness Hotel Eggensberger

Your modern room, suite or apartment with balcony, as well as the rooms for the program sessions, is located on the south - facing slope overlooking the lake in the Spa/ "Wellness" Hotel Eggensberger (www.eggensberger.de). The hotel has country flair, offers organic food from its own farm and has cooks and a nutritionist that can help you with carbohydrate counting and diet planning.