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Your »Vacation in Paradise« is for you and your family members to enjoy as you wish in the entire Koenigswinkel area, which includes six lakes and hundreds of miles of hiking, bridle, and cross-country skiing trails. Boats, surfboards and surfbikes can be rented right at the Hopfen Lake, as can mountain bikes. Electric-assisted bicycles are available for rental at the hotel. Hikes of every degree of intensity start at the door of your hotel. If you would like someone else to do the walking for you, your hotel will provide you with a horse. You can paraglide from the Tegelberg plateau alone or as a passenger above the Neuschwanstein castle or take a plane ride over the Alps from the glider airfield you can see from your hotel.

If your »Vacation in Paradise« is during the winter, you might want to ice skate on Lake Hopfen or cross-country ski virtually from the entrance of your hotel. If you really cherish a romantic background, you can ice skate or cross-country ski under the shadow of the Neuschwanstein castle. Downhill skiing is from the Tegelberg plateau above the Neuschwanstein castle. A 2-hour hike, pulling a sled up to a rustic mountain inn, will give you a fantastic 30-minute downhill run with all the curves you could wish for. Skis, sleds, and skates can be rented at the Hopfen Lake.

At any time of year you can visit the famed nearby (13 km) royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. You can bike, walk, or drive to the medieval town of Fuessen (6 km) which has its own 12th-century castle that houses an art museum and in whose baroque rooms concerts are held.